click the gyoza to play the game!

Gyoza Shop Simulator 2019 is an incremental clicker game, built in Orteil's idle game maker. Orteil is the creator of the original Cookie Clicker game, which set off a trend in incremental and clicker games and seemed to become popular worldwide overnight. An incremental clicker game starts off slow, you click a button to get a resource. As you gain resources you can buy upgrades and buildings to help automate your resource production and expand. Gyoza Shop Simulator 2019 uses this format to allow players to run their own gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) restaurant, and allows for players to expand their shop as they progress. Currently, the end goal of the game is to get 3 Michelin Stars, which players can achieve by buying 50 of the franchise locations.

Gyoza Shop Simulator 2019 was born out of my love for Japanese-style Chinese food (gyoza, ramen and the like) and clicker games. Most clicker games let you gain your resources quite quickly after starting, but I wanted to create a challenge for the player. Although still much quicker than waiting for actual gyoza to be made, passive gyoza creation takes a few seconds to accumulate a full dumpling.

Orteil's Cookie Clicker was a hit in Japan and for that reason a Japanese version of Gyoza Shop Simulator 2019 (餃子店シミュレーター2019) is planned in the future.

餃子店シミュレーター2019はOrteilというゲームメーカーのIdle Game Makerエンジンで作ったインクレメンタルクリッカーゲーム。インクレメンタルクリッカーゲームの最初はおそくて、バトンをクリックすると次々リソースを集める。リソースが集まってからアップグレードや建物を買うことができて、リソース製造が増えてる。このフォーマットでプレイヤーが自分の餃子店を経営したり大きくしたりする夢を経験する。当分のゴールは50軒のフランチャイズを開業してミシュランスターを3つ集めること。


OrteilのCookie Clickerは日本でも人気だから将来に餃子店シミュレーター2019の日本版が予定です。